December 2021 Recap

December 2021 Recap

Let's recap the month of December before jumping into the New Year.
December is always a busy month in general for anyone.  For me it was fulfilling holiday orders, deliveries to local small businesses, keeping up with Olivia's regular weekly schedule from singing lessons, gymnastics classes, local charity events and now adding cheerleading practice into the mix.

There was also helping Olivia with her homework, studying for tests, school projects, school committee meetings, fun school events, Christmas shopping, and finding where the Elf on the Shelf landed every morning.

This year Olivia was involved more than ever with the business. She helped with everything from packaging the holiday orders to shipping them off at the post office along with personal deliveries to small local businesses.  And last but not least let's not forget making the famous Magic Reindeer Food for Rudolph's big night.

Olivia's school likes to break up the week every now and again. They have Themed fun Dress Down Days along with days for supporting a Charity Organization. This month the theme for Dress Down Day was Christmas Colors.  Olivia's leggings are a high-quality cotton blend which is soft and stretchy with a cute triple ruffle hem feature at the bottom.  It paired perfectly with a lightweight comfy puppy Christmas sweater. 

Her school also loves to have “Wacky Wednesday”.  Flannel Shirt Day was the theme for December's Wacky Wednesday.   Olivia wore a lightweight cotton padded vest that is absolutely perfect.  It was just enough to keep her warm all day by adding just a thin cotton long sleeve shirt underneath. This is what I like to call winter layering fashion. This vest looks cute with jeans or leggings.  Throw on a pair of boots and your good to go! 


 Every Holiday season most schools have a Christmas / Holiday Concert that family and friends attend. Unfortunately, the world looks a little different right now. So, this year her school decided to have a Virtual Christmas Concert. Olivia was excited because she was able to dress up. She wore the On The Go With Princess O Festive Embroidered Lace & Tulle Red Dress to film the concert at school.

The Embroidered flowers & clovers in bright red give it an elegant but simple look for any occasion. This soft polyester blended fabric drapes perfectly at knee length. The best part about this dress that Olivia loved was the sleeveless feature.  A sleeveless dress can easily be paired with a lightweight sweater, and never worry about being too hot or cold. 

In the past Olivia's school had a Christmas Pasta Dinner on a late Saturday afternoon after church mass. The atmosphere this year was a little different. The Community Christmas Event was held outside on a Friday night. There were stations including hot chocolate, arts & crafts, and picture taking with Mrs. Clause & Santa Clause for the kids. The part I liked the best was the horse & carriage ride around the school parking lot. 


Since 2017 when Olivia was only 4 years old, she started helping the Non-Profit Organization Wreaths Across America.  This Ceremony is held in December across the United States at various locations. She attends the Connecticut State Veterans Cemetery Ceremony and helps place wreaths on the graves of the fallen. 
Over the years the theme has always been REMEMBER the fallen, HONOR those that serve along with the families, and to TEACH the next generation about the values of freedom. 
Wreaths Across America has announced a new theme for 2022. “Find a way to serve” #FINDAWAY2022


Christmas Eve has always been very special and dear to my heart.  Each year Olivia and I attend a Christmas Eve Mass.  We love to see how they decorated the alter in beautiful Christmas decor.



The traditional Christmas photo around here does not include my husband, or children. It literally consists of my little dachshund dog named Lulu and of course Olivia. Any chance we get we will try to dress Lulu up. Although she absolutely dislikes it when you put any type of clothing on her. We can't help passing up the opportunity because she looks so cute. 



Before she heads off to bed, she cuts up some carrots, places the cookies for Santa on her special Christmas plate. Fills a glass of milk for Santa and sprinkle the Famous Reindeer Food on the lawn. She was so excited for Christmas morning, she could hardly sleep!



Christmas morning was finally here!
The first thing Olivia did when she woke up was ran over to read the note that Santa had left her. But first, she had to see if he cleaned off his Christmas plate. It looked like he had eaten most of the cookies. Olivia enjoyed her Christmas and loved all of her gifts. She said that the best part of Christmas morning was when we surprised her with Our Generation Awesome Academy School from Target.


 Christmas Success!!!!



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