About Us

About Princess O

At just 6 months old Olivia Mae, nicknamed Princess O held her first pageant title as Little Miss Northeast America 2014-2015

In March 2016 On the Go with Princess O started as an Instagram account that followed Olivia as she embarked on her journey into the pageantry and modeling industry.


In August 2017 a thought became a reality, and we designed a page for Princess O who was then 4 and America's Miss National Petite for 2017-2018

At the age of 6 Olivia was the youngest title holder of World's Talented Miss Princess Ambassador for the World's Talented Miss Organization which she held for two years in a row.


Over the years Olivia's love for sparkle, jewelry, fashion and a passion for helping others in the community has led us to create the clothing brand On the Go with Princess O LLC, est. in 2017 and On the Go with O .com, a boutique focused on fashions inspired by Olivia.

In February 2023 she was crowned the Ambassador to World's Top Model proudly representing Beauty It's Everywhere, World's Top Model platform along with her current title America's Little Miss 2022-23 for America's Miss Organization.

Olivia loves to bring smiles to people's faces wherever her crown takes her from local to worldwide events & organizations. She believes in helping others because it's #morethanacrown it's an adventure. #thetravelingcrown