The Crayon Initiative


Helping others one crayon at a time, Princess O finally shipped  out 42 pounds of crayons that Olivia collected for the Crayon Initiative last year!

Thank you to everyone who donated crayons and thank you to those that purchased from our For A Cause Original Design Collection by On the Go with Princess O, LLC. A portion of the proceeds helped with the cost of shipping, we couldn't have done it without your support! #supportthecause #thetravelingcrown #UPS #thecrayoninitiative     


 Olivia collects broken crayons all year long for this wonderful cause. In 2021 she collected a record 42 pounds of used and unwanted crayons within her community!

Visit their website to donate your crayons:






When you buy an item designed by Olivia you help offset the cost of shipping the crayons she collects!

 On the Go with Princess O, LLC donates 10% of our profit from the sales of Olivia's designs to the shipping costs for the Crayon Initiative.

Be the change you wish to see in this world! ❤

 Thank you to our loyal supporters and for all of the donations over the years!

Read more about the wonderful things that they do!